The Scapegracers – Hannah Abigail Clarke

An outcast teenage lesbian witch finds her coven hidden amongst the popular girls in her school, and performs some seriously badass magic in the process. –

I received a copy of this book free via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was thoroughly enjoyable.

From the female leads, to the queer elements, the magic, to the action. I love a good magical realism, girl-gang story. Better yet, it’s own voices as the author is also queer! I’m gay myself (in the umbrella term sense of the word), and oh my goodness, I found myself absolutely wishing I could have had a coven like that in my own life.

Sideways’ appreciation of her friends’ beauty was really lovely, there were little crushes thrown in, without any of the over-sexualised lesbian tropes that are often found in fiction.

Some of the plot lines felt a little misplaced, I felt certain characters or ideas could have been introduced a little later on or not brought in, disappeared, and brought back, if that makes sense. I don’t want to write any spoilers so I can’t quite tell you what I mean.

The dialogue was fun and natural, snappy and clever which gives it that more youthful and true-to-age element for the characters. One thing that did bum me out a little was the constant self deprecation by Sideways. I know we all have that inner voice sometimes that tells us terrible things, but it would be cool to see her have a little more growth, to start accepting and trusting that the women around her like her for good reason. That may be held over until later in the story, though, so I won’t be too critical.

In regards to Daisy, Jing, and Yates, I adored the fact that as close as they were, they still had little secrets they kept from each other. Those secrets definitely feel like they’ll become side plots in the next installment which will give the characters plenty of room for personal growth, maybe a little bit of conflict, and for them to grow closer. The interpersonal relationships was actually one of my favourite elements.

All in all, I have to say, I was happy when I saw the #1 next to the title because it means we’re getting a duology at the least, or hopefully a series!

I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Jennifer’s Body & The Merciless, The Craft.

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