Killing Dylan – Alastair Puddick

Someone is trying to kill celebrated author Dylan St James. But who would want him dead? And why? And who the hell shoots someone with a harpoon, anyway?… When his old Friend, Dylan, turns to him for help, Freddie agrees to use his own limited detective skills to find out who’s behind the murder attempt. –

I received a copy of this book free from in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t even know where to begin! This book is so chock full of one-liners, hilarious situations, wicked twists and realistically daft amateur sleuths and criminals. It had me grinning throughout. Freddie is the epitome of who we wish we could unabashedly be when we’re sick of dealing with the rest of the world, he is so incredibly unapologetic it’s almost painful to see but he does keep you on the edge of your seat which is a great quality in a main character.

The slight twists and turns at the end had me laughing out loud at my work desk, especially a particular mishap, which you could probably guess at if/when you read the book for yourself.

Puddick perfectly avoided the cliche of the villainous monologue by revealing motives through conversation and action rather than an evil character stroking their cat, pacing back and forth, while they drone on about how their unusual childhood led them to this point in their life.

It’s not often I’ve experienced reading a funny crime novel, and I really enjoyed this one.


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