The Collector Trilogy – Dot Hutchison


The Collector Trilogy begins with The Butterfly Garden. This is a story that will feel familiar to you if you’ve read The Collector – John Fowles. It’s the tale of young women, captured and kept in what is known as The Garden. The butterflies this man collects, however, aren’t the type you’d find flittering among shrubs in your garden or at your local park.

Dot presents interesting and morally grey characters, survivors and villains alike. The story starts in the midst of action and that continues right til the last page. You won’t want to put it down once you start, but you might have to as some of the content can be quite confronting.


The Roses of May introduces us to Priya, young, headstrong, sister of a murdered girl, daughter of a fiercely protective mother, and friend of FBI agents.

I absolutely fell in love with Priya and found myself cheering her on throughout the novel. This is something which is kind of rare for me, as I don’t always connect with protagonists.

The story follows Priya and her FBI family as they hunt down the killer who is hunting her. Beautiful imagery, red herrings, and vivid characters. This novel was my favourite of the three.


Finally, the trilogy comes to a close (temporarily, I hope) with The Summer Children.

This novel follows the past and present life of Agent Mercedes as she tackles her own dark past. We find out why she is who she is and why she does what she does when children start showing up on her doorstep.

As with the first two novels, it’s not so much about working out who the killer is so much as what motivates them and how they will be brought to justice, if at all.

A great and thrilling trilogy.


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