The Girl Who Died – Wendy Dranfield

Fifteen year old Hannah has killed her best friend, Katie. Whether or not it was intentional, only they know. With the police and Katie’s family desperately demanding answers, Hannah’s world is torn apart as she has to decide what to do next and whether that involves doing the right thing. Hannah’s choice is made more difficult due to her new closeness with Katie’s older brother, Josh. The traumatic event of Katie’s death unearths secrets best left untold, but to leave them untold would put another life at risk. 

This book is a part of my personal collection.

I read this as a buddy-read with my bestie and absolutely enjoyed it. Once I really started to focus on it, I smashed through it in less than a day on work breaks, alone!

The characters are enjoyable, the anxieties and the guilt portrayed really hit home with me, not that I’ve ever experienced quite what Hannah has.

I enjoyed the near ending that takes place at the cemetery but you guys know by now, I am not a fan of closed off, neat endings. It felt  a little too quick for me in terms of reconciliation and I feel like some relationships at least could have been left open-ended.

Overall, an enjoyable read.

Content warnings for suicide, self harm, CSA and sexual assault.

One thought on “The Girl Who Died – Wendy Dranfield

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