Backstrap – John Dun

CAN YOU FIND REDEMPTION IN A CORRUPT WORLD? — That’s the question for Callie Byrne, a street savvy Iraq vet recently out of drug rehab for heroin addiction, trying to reignite her life and regain custody of her son. Bartending in Philadelphia when a friend gets entangled with her ex-dealer, Callie must navigate the underground world of drug and sex trafficking between the jungles of Guatemala and a shady Manhattan leather import business. –

I received this book free from the publisher via in exchange for an honest review.

I loved the sound of this novel when I picked it up. It promised a lot of action and suspense, and it delivered on that part.

I must say I did enjoy the characters, mostly Slinger, Ixchel and Angus but I found it difficult to enjoy the main character, Callie. Something about her was off-putting to me, but that comes down to personal preference.

You get to see a bit of story from different perspectives which adds to the experience, I think I could read an entire novel about Angus post trafficking experience. He just seems so interesting! Or Slinger’s backstory.

The ending wraps up smoothly and still has a few questions left unanswered which suits this kind of novel, especially the idea that Callie has no idea what could come next. None of us really do.

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