The Millionaire’s Wife – Shalini Boland

How far would you go for the one you love? Lie…cheat…KILL?

When a woman is killed on the other side of the world, Anna Blackwell realises that her past has caught up with her. That her greatest fear is about to come true. That it’s her turn next.

Uncover a web of lies and deceit in this chilling, twisty suspense thriller.  –

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, I want to thank Shalini Boland for writing awesome fiction with amazing female leads, and for giving me the opportunity to read and review her work.

From the first chapter, this novel had me intrigued. A brutal murder occurs that is so out of place you can’t begin to imagine how it could relate to Anna or why it occurred. From there, the action just continues to ramp up.

We get a very intimate profile of Anna Blackwell, a strong, well-rounded and flawed woman. The best kind of woman. We explore her past and relationships, her hardships and blessings and travel from one country to another to follow her story.

I was not expecting this plot to turn out the way it did – full of twists and turns, all of which made sense and all of which were hinted at throughout the novel if you look hard enough, though barely any I would have guessed at.

Overall this was a satisfying and fast paced thriller. I am looking forward to Boland’s next novel and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you!


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