The Anatomist by Federico Andahazi (translated by Alberto Manguel)

Brontë's Page Turners

The Anatomist is based on the story of the 16th century Italian scientist, Mateo Colombo,  who discovered the role of the ‘Amor Veneris’ – the clitoris – in female pleasure. Yes, I am talking about ladybits in this week’s post, having decided to throw caution to the Bromley winds and go Marginally Kinky. Perhaps some of you saw the signs with the Almost Marginally Kinky tree-hugging in the last post. There is talk that I am on the road to ruin.

In Andahazi’s retelling, Colombo’s quest for this knowledge begins with his efforts to seduce the elusive Venetian courtesan, Mona Sofia, and ends with him being put on trial by the Inquisition who believe his ‘satanic discovery’ merits a jolly good stake-burning. And to think I have been wooed with a pint of pale ale and the promise that we can watch back-episodes of Time Team when we get home

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