To Hell I Must Go – Rod Sadler

Alfred Haney had suspected there was something peculiar about his young wife for a very long time. The conversations she had with no one in particular had become more and more frequent. On a cool spring morning in 1897, he left his Williamston, Michigan home to earn his day’s wage. When he returned, he discovered a macabre murder so bizarre that it shook an entire community to its core.

Rod Sadler is a 30-year police veteran who spent over ten years researching a gruesome 1897 murder that occurred in the small town where he spent his childhood. Using original court documents, handwritten eyewitness statements, and newspaper accounts, he has crafted an intriguing detailed time-line of the murder and the five days that followed. –

To Hell I Must Go is the story of a strange and brutal murder, often likened to Lizzie Borden – think parents, think axe. I first learnt about this murder through True Murder and the Generation Why podcasts, both of which feature Rod Sadler telling the story.

This novel is fact embellished with accurate fiction to tell the story in a more compelling way than just dot pointing events. It’s absolutely intriguing and the insights and research that has gone into it is incredible, given that the records are minimal and obviously incredibly old. Sadler has put his all into this book, which is partly family history, being that he is a direct relation of the sheriff.

If you’re into true crime and aren’t squeamish, pick up this novel. It’s a tale you will never forget. Even if you want to.


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