Hush Little Baby – Joanna Barnard

When baby Oliver breaks his arm, no-one can (or will) say how it happened.

His mother is exhausted.

His father is angry.

His older sister is resentful.

And they all have something to hide. –

I received this book free from the publisher via in exchange for an honest review.

When I first looked at the blurb for this book I expected a thriller of sorts, some sort of hidden agenda, big twist or serious crime. What I found was completely different but just as satisfying.

Hush Little Baby is well paced and flows well. I enjoyed the different perspectives in the novel, there was not a single character I didn’t want to hear from. I didn’t particularly “like” the husband/dad but I did appreciate that he was a very “real” character, flawed and with opinions I didn’t agree with but a very interesting story.

All the characters experience immense personal growth and growth in their personal relationships which I absolutely loved.

Slight spoilers below, just a warning about very confronting themes!

Just to let you know, this book does have themes of abuse, rape, self harm, suicide, eating disorders and postnatal depression. Please read with caution.



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