The Promise of Life – Danielle Bane, Monica Bane and Jonathan Parker

The true story of 18-year-old Danielle, who leaves her comfortable home to move into a cramped apartment with her controlling boyfriend. At first everything seems exciting and foreign. Soon, though, their small space seems to get smaller, she starts to miss the comforts of home, the peace and quiet of her own room, and her family. Her boyfriend insists as long as they’re together, all is good, but he’s becoming more and more unstable with each passing week. After three months, Danielle realizes she’s made a mistake by moving in with him and his friends, but now the consequences are real. She is pregnant.
How will Danielle navigate her way through the heart-wrenching decision making process of doing what is best for her baby? With the help of her family and an unlikely support network, Danielle will come to see how one decision can cause a ripple effect that changes the lives of herself, those she loves and some she has never even met before.
This true story will show how bad choices can be used by God to bring joy to so many, and how there is much more to adoption than the world thinks. –

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher via in exchange for an honest review.

This is one of the most honest, confronting books I have ever had the honour of reading. It’s an incredibly real and open look into abusive relationships, real family relationships and adoption.

The amount of strength shown by Danielle and her family is absolutely incredible. This story hits very close to home for me, having had friends and family in abusive relationships and also having experienced similar manipulation and abuse myself. I have seen members of my family and my friends struggle with infertility and tough decisions regarding unwanted or unexpected pregnancy and the only “right” choice I can ever imagine is what is best for the baby, no matter what that decision is.

I would recommend this novel for an insight into situations you may not be so familiar with or if you are looking for a kindred soul and and experience you can relate to.

Happy reading!


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