The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes – Lyndsay Faye

Faye’s best Holmes tales, including two new works, are brought together in The Whole Art of Detection, a stunning collection that spans Holmes’s career, from self-taught young upstart to publicly lauded detective, both before and after his faked death over a Swiss waterfall in 1894. In “The Lowther Park Mystery,” the unsociable Holmes is forced to attend a garden party at the request of his politician brother and improvises a bit of theater to foil a conspiracy against the government. “The Adventure of the Thames Tunnel” brings Holmes’s attention to the baffling murder of a jewel thief in the middle of an underground railway passage. With Holmes and Watson encountering all manner of ungrateful relatives, phony psychologists, wronged wives, plaid-garbed villains, and even a peculiar species of deadly red leech, The Whole Art of Detection is a must-read for Sherlockians and any fan of historical crime fiction with a modern sensibility. –

I received a copy of this novel free from the publisher via in exchange for an honest review.

Aside from a novel written from the perspective of someone related to the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, I haven’t actually read any Sherlock Holmes novels, nor watched any related tv shows.

This novel was a fantastic introduction to the characters Holmes’ and Watson. Short, snappy mysteries that are fun to try to solve along with the characters. It’s well written in terms of capturing the language and behaviour of the time and the author has obviously done their research. I’ll have to keep an eye out for more of their work.

I found this a really fun and enjoyable read and it’s kind of prompting me to want to pick up the classic set. I definitely recommend you pick up a copy!

Are you a fan? What’s your favourite movie, show, novel, etc. based on Sherlock?


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