The Stepford Wives – Ira Levin

For Joanna, her husband, Walter, and their children, the move to beautiful Stepford seems almost too good to be true. It is. For behind the town’s idyllic facade lies a terrible secret — a secret so shattering that no one who encounters it will ever be the same.

At once a masterpiece of psychological suspense and a savage commentary on a media-driven society that values the pursuit of youth and beauty at all costs, The Stepford Wives is a novel so frightening in its final implications that the title itself has earned a place in the American lexicon. –


Whether it’s the book, the movie or the concept of the perfect housewife, chances are you’ve heard about The Stepford Wives.

Stepford is a new community where men rule and women… well, the women are kind of strange. They are always perky, always well dressed and mannered and always obedient to their husband. If that doesn’t sound creepy, just wait til you read the ending. Which I won’t spoil because spoilers are no fun for anyone.

The first time I heard of The Stepford Wives was when the film with Nicole Kidman came out. I remember liking the shininess and neatness of stepford. So terrifyingly perfect and unblemished.

A young woman arrives as an oursider and threatens to turn the town upside down by introducing women’s committees and you know, having a voice, being human and not always being “on”. It doesn’t take long for her to start working out that something just isn’t quite right in Stepford.

A great satirical and creepy read with a fantastic ending.

I’d recommend this to pretty much anyone. Especially those struggling with the idea of perfection, where perfection can take away your human-ness.

Is human-ness a word? We’ll go with it for now. Nobody’s perfect. Except the Stepford Wives.


  • Creepy, I love creepy stories
  • Somewhat truthful and relevant
  • Timeless



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