The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Stetson

the secret journal of a woman who, failing to relish the joys of marriage and motherhood, is sentenced to a country rest cure. Though she longs to write, her husband and doctor forbid it, prescribing instead complete passivity. In the involuntary confinement of her bedroom, the hero creates a reality of her own beyond the hypnotic pattern of the faded yellow wallpaper–a pattern that has come to symbolize her own imprisonment. –

I was perusing ProjectGutenberg when I had some downtime at work and was scrolling through the Gothic fiction section when I came across The Yellow Wallpaper. I have seen a lot of praise for this short story in recent months both on Instagram, in book blogs and on BookTube and I was really curious to read it. It’s also a part of the Post Grad course I have been looking into doing in Classic Literature. It was kind of surprising to hear a lot of people talking about it, mostly just because the main BookTube channels I watch are contemporary or YA fiction based.

Anyway, enough rambling. The Yellow Wallpaper turned out to be a creepy, strange story of a woman’s descent into madness. She had me believing in her delusions along with her, and rooting for her against the people she lived in the house with. I actually found it difficult to decide whether I thought she was just hallucinating in regards to the wallpaper or if her experiences were actually real and it was the other characters who just couldn’t understand it, or were purposely keeping her trapped.

This was a very quick read, as with most short stories, I guess. The language was simple and descriptive and easy to read unlike a lot of classics or older tales.

If you’re looking for any out of copyright books to read, check out ProjectGutenberg for free epub, pdf, html, audio and plain text files. That’s where I read a lot of classics that I don’t necessarily want to buy in case they’re not something I would reread.

Happy reading!


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