Prophet of Chaos – J. Hamlet

Nathaniel is a man of many gifts. First and foremost is the power of Prophecy. Whenever he sleeps, he dreams of triumphs and tragedies alike, and how to either make them happen or prevent them. With that knowledge, he’s thwarted the world-shaking schemes of Angels and Demons alike. Not surprisingly, every elite agent of both Heaven and Hell are always hunting him, wanting to be the one to take down the notorious man known to most as The Prophet. He’s spent most of his life as a homeless drifter: hiding, dreaming, and passing along the intel from his revelations to those who can take actions, be they government agents, freelance wizards, or less savory occult figures.

Recently, he’s been plagued by a series of recurring visions that threaten to force him out of his shadowy life and into the spotlight. He’s seen the world ready to plummet into a new dark ages. A Senator with presidential aspirations is on one side, backed by the most ruthless of Heaven’s forces and seeking to transform the world into a brutal theocracy. A church of Demon-worshipping terrorists also stand ready to launch a bloody revolution through mass murders, demonic possession, and civil war that will literally bring about Hell on earth. Nathaniel stands in the middle, struggling to stop both sides from realizing their chosen versions of humanity’s future with everything in his mystical arsenal. And he can’t do it alone. –

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

I love the concept of this novel! The characters are all based on religion and theology. Heaven and Hell at war, angels, demons, sins, prophets.

There’s no shortage of action. Or characters. So many characters.

There are PoC characters who aren’t just used as fillers and aren’t stereotypes, there are openly LGBT+ characters, again, not fillers or stereotypes. It’s incredibly refreshing.

This isn’t a book I would usually find myself pulling off the shelf, but it is one that I would recommend to lovers of action, mythology, Supernatural and Game of Thrones (I feel like this novel is a perfect mix of the two!). Well written, fast paced and a really interesting concept with strange and beautiful relationships.

Unfortunately, I have had to DNF this book, simply because I am struggling to keep up with the plot and characters. I would like to go back and read the first in the series and then revisit this at a later date. I would still recommend this to other readers!


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