Don’t Tell Anyone – Eleanor Gray

Art historian Grace Neville watches Jordan Dukes sentenced for the murder of her teenage daughter, Tara. A few days later, as she attempts to come to terms with her loss, she receives a visit from Jordan’s father, Alan, who claims that his son is innocent and that a grave miscarriage of justice has taken place. Jordan’s violent history in a notorious gang, plus the fact that he doesn’t have an alibi, makes Alan’s story a hard sell . . . until someone breaks into Grace’s home and goes through Tara’s belongings.

In Don’t Tell Anyone, Eleanor Gray explores the relationship between a mother and her daughter, and the secrets that drive Grace to start asking questions before it’s too late. –

I received a copy of this book from the publisher Midnight Ink via in return for an honest review.

This book definitely satisfies in terms of an honest look into a complex relationship between a mother and daughter. Rife with suspense, twists and compelling story lines, Don’t Tell Anyone is an excellent murder mystery/thriller.

The tragedy of losing a child is unimaginable and Eleanor Gray does an excellent job of displaying this grief, fury and determination in seeking justice for a lost daughter.

The characters are well developed and all serve a purpose within the story. The main character is easy to love and support as she searches for the killer of her daughter and grows through her pain.

The ending isn’t quite what I was personally expecting or hoping for, though I was very satisfied with at least 90% of it so I definitely can’t complain! Would love to read this one a second time, now knowing the ending, to see if I can pick up on anything I missed on the first read.

I’d recommend this novel to any lovers of crime, thrillers, suspense and mystery. And especially to my cousin, Sam.

Get yourself a copy on December 8th, 2016.


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