Around the World in 80 Days –

“To go around the world…in such a short time and with the means of transport currently available, was not only impossible, it was madness”

One ill-fated evening at the Reform Club, Phileas Fogg rashly bets his companions £20,000 that he can travel around the entire globe in just eighty days – and he is determined not to lose. Breaking the well-establised routine of his daily life, the reserved Englishman immediately sets off for Dover, accompanied by his hot-blooded French manservant Passepartout. Travelling by train, steamship, sailing boat, sledge and even elephant, they must overcome storms, kidnappings, natural disasters, Sioux attacks and the dogged Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard – who believes that Fogg has robbed the Bank of England – to win the extraordinary wager. –


Whenever I think of Around the World in 80 Days, I picture an old man in a hot air balloon floating around the world in line with the equator for 80 days straight. Pretty far from what the actual novel is like. I can’t quite remember where I got that image from since it wasn’t on the cover of the edition of this novel that I read.

Anyway, this novel is an excellent adventure with a very loveable main character who makes a bet that he can circumnaviagate the world in 80 days.

We follow him on his adventure to some exotic and obscure parts of the world where he runs into all kinds of trouble. The story is well paced and doesn’t linger too long in any one place.

Throughout the novel there is that constant lingering suspense about whether or not he will make it back to his starting place in time to win the bet. Something that I won’t confirm or deny because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Though as we go on through the novel I think it becomes clear that winning the bet isn’t necessarily the goal anymore but the trip becomes more about the accomplishment itself and about learning more about the world than you ever could have known staying home.

Warning: this novel may cause itchy feet.


  • Great classic adventure
  • Suspense


  • I don’t have enough money or time to travel right now and I’m sad about it

2 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Days –

  1. I can identify with your mental image of an old man in a hot air balloon. I was delighted to be wrong. I listened to this book, narrated by Jim Dale, and it was fabulous. Do you ever do reviews of audio books or just hard copies?

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    • Just hard copies and e-books at the moment. I haven’t really listened to any audio-books aside from the classics available on LibriVox! I would love to try a few out, though. They’d be perfect for work or relaxing at home.

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