2BR02B – Kurt Vonnegut

2BR02B is a satiric short story that imagines life & death in a future world where aging has been “cured” & population control is mandated and administered by the government. – Goodreads.com

To be or not to be?

I have a bunch of short stories I have bought or downloaded (yay, free classics!) on my phone and this is one of them. I didn’t look at the file size when I opened it so I went in expecting at least a novella, but what I got was a very well written short story.

I believe the only rule of short stories is, or should be, that it can be as short as you want as long as it tells the entire story.

There’s not a whole lot I can say about this one without giving away the entire story. Basically, as the description above informs you, this is a world in which a cure for aging has been found and population control is strictly monitored by the government. Quite a scary thought and honestly, not far from truth in some places though I suppose this is on a much grander scale.

I found this an incredibly good read given its length and really enjoyed the premise. Easily re-readable and enjoyable, I recommend this to anyone who finds the idea of it interesting!



  • Satisfying read
  • Great ending

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