The Life and Death of Sophie Stark – Anna North

Gripping and provocative, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark tells a story of fame, love, and legacy through the propulsive rise of an iconoclastic artist. –

I picked this book up as a blind date book when I wasn’t quite sure what I felt like reading. Also, who could possibly resist the description that Robinsons gave? Gripping. Unapologetic. Sociopathic.

Sophie Stark is an intriguing character who we only see through the eyes of some of the most important people in her life, or rather people to whom she was the most important person. We see them reveal their own secrets and hardships either to Sophie or to themselves, opening up easily to her unapologetic way of being. Sophie has a way of drawing out both people’s insecurities and their fierceness.

Reading this novel was like being a fly on the wall in some of the most interesting and turbulent lives I have read about. Some characters only pop up once but others are revisited to take the story full circle. The way the novel is written really compliments and emphasises the way that Sophie doesn’t always seem like her own person but one that is made up of other people’s projections.

Who is Sophie Stark, really? Why is she the way she is? These are the questions I had in the back of my mind through the entire reading experience.

You need to read this book. If not for the genre, the characters, the beautiful writing, then simply for the fact that it is one of the most well structured and paced books I have ever read.

5/5 stars. If I gave them

Favourite Character

Jacob. Something about his honesty and vulnerability with himself just gets me.


  • Very well paced.
  • Beautifully written but not dense and doesn’t waffle.
  • Secrets revealed!


  • Can’t wait to pick up some of Anna North’s other works.


IMG SOURCE: @cofeeandtrainspotting on Instagram


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